Oct 18 - Paint Out Norwich was an amazing mix of beautiful and interesting vistas and weather including two seasons in two days. Day1 was beautiful and I created two paintings portraying different views of Norwich market. The emphasis was on the hustle and bustle of people going about their daily lives and I felt please with my first painting of the day which I felt really emphasized this. My second focused on a busy walkway in oils. It was challenging and I am afraid that tiredness set in and it needed finishing to a higher degree- so it would be my first painting of the day for the exhibition.
Day two and cold and drizzle and I found a little niche under a bush with a view of the cathedral. Watercolour again and I felt fairly pleased but I needed more of a focus on capturing more people as they exited the busy service.I also needed to frame the piece with the greenery above my head. Second piece of the day was a race against time as the rain was due to set in! I noticed some amazing thistles growing by a local landmark and decided to see how quickly I could resolve this little image. I really enjoyed this painting and it showed I think! I was nearly finished when the rain came and washed away some of my railings. Nothing I could do, but as it was the painting was complete and had the atmosphere that I wanted so that would be my second for the exhibition. Next year I should be feeling fighting fit and ready for a four day paint out, at least I hope so!