Looking Forward

Well looking forward with my art cannot go on without looking back a little. 2019 was a time of flux for me as we were preparing to move house and my health was not great. We finally moved in 2020 as the pandemic began but not as it was hoped to be in Lammas but to Wreningham in South Norfolk. Moving during the pandemic had highs and lows but as you can imagine a new house and rather large fairly wild field took much of our time. Art took back place and it was a time for reflection and settling in as well as plans for the future. We took on a new 18 month old GSP who turned out to be rather a handful as well as being truly gorgeous.

During the pandemic my hubby built a beautiful barn in practice for creating a new studio for me. I make it sound easy but it has been a long intensive process.

The strain on me from the move and COVID on my health became evident and it was clear that I was struggling with a major health issue.

I was hoping to take part in Paint Out 2021 but on the morning of the first get together I had to contact them to say I was unable to take part. I was devastated, but knew mentally I just couldn’t cope.

I was only finally diagnosed in January this year by a wonderful optician and managed to begin the process of sorting out my hyperthyroidism which had led to Thyroid Eye Disease.

All my struggles could now be put in the context of my health problems and now in the care of the hospital, life seems to be almost back to normal.

My studio was finally ready to move into in the Spring 2022 and it has been fun beginning the new start.

My eyes continue to be a major problem and one not likely to be dealt with easily but I am now attending art events and exhibitions. I have joined Wymondham Art Society and Plein Air Group, The Thursday Painters and hope to re-join Norwich Wednesday Painters.

The opening of my studio this September is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and art, and I look forward to it with anticipation.